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Drew drew drew

After much thought I have decided that I am stepping away from Edefeed. It's been difficult to try to reason with sickos. Is this the mentality of our city? If it is, I won't be a party to it anymore. A bunch of sicko's and Wacko's in this town. I've tried believe me. The stupidity is unbelievable. Not one person can talk with any intelligence at all. Whose f ing f ing who, whose hot and liars. ChAD oh u can smoke there. Smh and Jamestown NY please grow up. Goodbye and if u say thank God ur lying to ur selfs. I can't say this has been good for me bc the conversations have been 1st grade at best. Goodbye and good luck. Out.

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Coconut cola

I don't like it much on here either all kinds of weird midgets.

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Neighbor hood w

Talk to you in the morning Drew! Get some rest sweetie=)

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2016 Jan6th2021

Trump's 4 years in office proved the decline of not only Jamestown, but Americans as a whole. 💯

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Mr Trump and his beautiful family are the best! It will be an honor to have Mr Trump back in the white house in 2024!!

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